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Why Caravan Metropol film servis?

Looking for a film project a strong partner to ensure the caravan fleet?

More than
80 caravans





Movie service Prag

Are you looking for a strong partner to support your film operations? Are you looking for a company that can provide comfort and luxury for your production managers, actors or the whole executive team?

Well, you are holding just the right catalog in your hands. Caravan Metropol is the right call to quickly and efficiently support your film rear area. Caravan Metropol, catering to the motion picture, advertising and special events industry, is uniquely positioned to provide a large number of US sourced fifth wheels and travel trailers (caravans) with the hydraulic slideout rooms as well as the most modern trailers from Bürstner (Germany). Whatever your needs are, we have a caravan to suit your project. We are also able to supply additional caravan units during shooting as required.
Our staff is both attentive and up to challenge. Our team will take care that your project will run smoothly. We can provide you comfortable „hotel room on wheels“, equipped with the most up date features and technologies. Air conditioning and heating is the matterof- course in all the models. Production office caravans with 2 separated entrances will surely
give you enough working space on any place where the movie is beeing shot. Caravan Metropol is your fifth wheel in the Czech Republic and other countries too, able to provide full scale servis, professional, reliable support all the way to the happy end of your event. Caravan Metropol takes pride in supporting your projects and all our team is looking forward to serve your needs.

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